Bee Organic
Prof. (Mrs.) Sulbha Nikam

A Junior College Teacher of Marathi at K.T.H.M. College, Sulbha Nikam is actively involved in all Suprakruti Madhushala activities. Her interest in beekeeping and organic farming was initially induced by her husband Dr. Nikam. However now she is as passionate about apiculture as he is if not more. She co-authors the books in Marathi on the subject of beekeeping. These books are intended for new beekeepers who do not have adequate scientific knowledge about beekeeping. They find it easier to understand beekeeping concepts in Marathi. She makes significant contribution to the farm activities. She is a pillar of strength to this organic farm. As a teacher, she never misses an opportunity to educate farm visitors about the great utility of bees for a Golden Harvest. She loves to interact with farm visitors and convince them about the scope of bee farming in Indian Agriculture. She also promotes commercial production of bee products through scientific methods. Sulbha is very keen on providing quality honey to family friends and convince them about its nutritional and medicinal value.