Bee Organic
Dr. Tukaram B. Nikam

A strong believer of apiculture [beekeeping] Dr. Nikam pleads that the present Indian agricultural practices will fail without the support of apiculture. As an inspiring teacher of Biology he realized the potential of beekeeping in increasing productivity in Indian agriculture. His visit to Israel for the international training programme on bee pollination and honey production organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Government of Israel in the Year 2000 reinforced his faith in apiculture. The training in Israel kindled his interest in scientific beekeeping. He took over the responsibility of enlightening people about apiculture through training and interaction. Suprakruti Madhushala thus became the centre for educating people and creating awareness among them about commercial bee farming for crop pollination. Through his lectures, radio talks, film shows and newspaper articles he promotes scientific beekeeping. He never misses an opportunity to display exhibits on scientific beekeeping in the gathering of farmers. He writes popular articles in newspapers, conducts training programmes and demonstrates importance of bee pollination through field trials on cross pollination. Dr. Nikam’s message to one and all is, ‘Be Bee Friendly it pays’.