Bee Organic
Dr. Prashant T. Nikam

Dr. Prashant is a pharmacist by training. He has a PhD from the Ohio State University and an MBA from the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Due to the family environment, Prashant has developed active interest in beekeeping. Throughout his travels worldwide, he collects various honey samples and bee products (i.e. bee wax, royal jelly, pollen) and donates them to the Suprakruti Madhushala Museum. His contribution to the enrichment of Library and Research Centre of Suprakruti Madhushala is remarkable. The making of Suprakruti Madhushala’s booklets, posters, video films and other didactic material are monitored and processed by Dr. Prashant. His frequent visits to India greatly benefit development of the bio-village model of Suprakruti Madhushala. He believes that environmental Literacy is a need for conservation of Honey Bees and wild pollinators. On personal front, he is a cofounder of a non-profit organization Sankalpa . It has funded over 25 micro developmental projects in India in areas of agriculture, education, sanitation, and health. It is this social commitment of his that compels him to spare time for Suprakruti Madhushala in his very busy work-schedule.