Bee Organic
Dr. Krishna V. Pawar

Dr. Krishna Pawar is a medicinal doctor by profession Paediatrics being her specialisation. She has had a keen interest in Beekeeping from her childhood. Dr. Krishna has plans to undertake a course in apitherapy for treating various diseases. She advocates scientific beekeeping for all beekeepers. The bee products harvested by eco-friendly methods can be used to promote better health and prevent malnutrition. During her frequent visits to Suprakruti Madhushala she looks after the sanitation which is complimentary to the health of bees. Now Dr. Krishna is actively engaged in Suprakruti Madhushala’sBee Happy project that ensures quality of life of everyone who participates in the project. Dr. Krishna Pawar strongly recommends Beekeeping and says that it is a rewarding agribusiness for Health, Wealth and Happiness.