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My Pilgrimage

My Pilgrimage At Bee Organic Farm


My Pilgrimage is a pleasant morning’s excursion to my Bee-organic farm. I consider it as a bio temple and worship bio kingdoms there in.  Biological wealth present in the farm is an asset for my livelihood and blissful life. I drink ultra filtered water from the farm well and consider water as a God’s gift.  I eat organic farm food and breathe fresh air enriched with phyto chemicals. The farm’s oxygen rich environment and relishing organic farm food keeps me healthy and happy. I get engrossed in nurturing and caring farm plantation and love practicing Bio-organic farming. I love gardening for bees, birds and farm animals and wild inhabitants. My focus is on conserving and protecting biodiversity, the oldest human heritage for better agriculture.I know that the foundation of organic farming centres on honey bees, cows, earthworms, birds and wild life. Cow, I consider a backbone and a key driver of an “organic farming”. Honey bee being an architect of “Green and Golden” revolution and gives sweet returns. Earthworm plays a significant role as a soil conditioner and a gifted bio reactor, converting “Waste in to a Wealth”. These bio gems are scientifically managed and contribute in nursing and nourishing the farm biodiversity resulting in to Golden harvest.  The plant and animal diversity beautifies the farm and in return gives promising benefit. All these bio gems play a crucial link in the life cycle of plants, crops and animal life. The biological cycles are rewarding and give plentiful harvest. My focus is on monitoring natural resources in eco-friendly manner and simultaneously following traditional wisdom to ensure natural hormony in the farm. The farm organic products i.e. vegetables, herb, fruits, berries, food grains, and animal products fulfil our basic needs.In such an organized biodynamic farming food chains work in a synchronised manner and instinctively without paying any wages.

With love and care, I manage these bio gems with minimum physical labour.I call this as zero budget farming. In return I get sweet returns. I consider farm bio gems and frequent wildlife visitors as messengers of God and keep rejuvenating the farm. I consider that the farm environment and pure organic food is very much conducive to uplift spiritual spirit. The farm biodiversity I consider indicative of prosperity and adds to the beauty of Mother Earth. I have full faith in  Bio-organic farming which is fruitful and rewarding and gives ever lasting happiness.

I strongly feel that by managing scientifically bio remedial and Nature friendly practices in agricultue, we will have Golden days again to come, which we had long time before. Bio-organic farming assures sustainable ecological and economical development. If you are planing for hundred years ahead, then educating ourself and our futurre generations on Bio-organic farming appears necessary. We all have to learn ABCD of Nature’s biodynamic cycles and acquire skills and knowledge to manage them scientifically for sweet returns. If the scientific and the spiritual spirit co exist we can win happiness through Bio-organic farming.  At the Global level we need unified, religious and non violent efforts to nurture Mother Nature for the better future of everyone on this planet. I consider loving and caring Mother Earth is a service to God. I am sure with this we all can go evergreen to live healthy, long, energetic and blissfull life.

If my fortune remains good my focus will be on Bio-organic Farming” and the bio gems i.e. bees, cows and earthworms. I will treat it as God’s work till the day I die.  “Bio-organic Farming” and these bio

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