Bee Organic


      The organic farm is a blend of traditional and modern ecofriendly biotechnologies for sustainable development of agriculture..

      The non pesticidal management practice for healthy food and for good health of Mother Nature is the objective of this farm. The indigenous cows, earthworms and honey bees (both wild bees and bee hives) is a basic biological wealth, managed scientifically which forms a foundation of the farm. The farm in collaboration with National Horticultural Research Development Foundation, Chittegaon (Niphad) conducts field trials on onion and vegetable pollination. Indigenous seeds are collected from different states and are used for organic vegetable garden.

      Our biodynamic farm maintains crop and plant diversity to sustain wildlife. The live demonstration units like Apiary, Vermiculture and Vermiwash Unit, Compost Unit, Courtyard Poultry, Cow Barnyard, Herbal Pesticide Unit, Plant and Bee Nursery, Bird Feeders and Nests, Traditional Pot Hives for Indian Bees, Hollow Bamboo Nests for Bumble Bees attract visitors from all over India. In addition, visitors like farmers, Students of Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Schools and Colleges are guided about the benefits of organic farming. They are further encouraged to follow farm friendly practices. The Organic Farm is very keen on following organic practices from various bio-village models around India. At present the Organic Farm Produce such as vegetables, fruits like Mango (आंबा), Jambolan Plum (जांभूळ), Indian Gooseberry (आवळा), Banana (केळे) are marketed locally. The Farm also provides leaflets to consumers to make them aware about the nutritional value and higher quality of the products. We always look for opportunities to spread and share our experiences with the masses through Agro-Exhibitions.