Bee Organic


The prime farm activity is to introduce farmers to the technique of induced bee pollination using modern bee hives..

 We give practical training to farmers on scientific beekeeping. Our focus is also the conservation of wild bees for pollination and honey collection. We provide technical guidance, conduct practical training programmes and also focus on research and extension activity to popularise beekeeping to improve crop quality and crop production. In commercial farming of pomegranates, oilseed cultivation and onion seed production adoption of bee hives assures quality and quantity production. We also extend our help to farmers in establishing apiaries on their farms. We have plans to establish a polyclinic for diagnosis of bee diseases for better health of bees.

These bee organic farms supply bee colonies of Indian hive bees (Apis cerana), Italian bees (Apis mellifera) and also supply beekeeping equipments. At present the most wanted input in agriculture, mainly for cross pollinated crops is bee hives for inducing efficient crop pollination. Suprakruti Madhushala is networking the concept of induced bee pollination at National level through various indoor and outdoor activities. We extend our help to State and Central Government and Non Government Organizations for creating awareness, motivation and technology transfer in scientific beekeeping mainly for empowerment of tribals, farmers, students, women’s self help groups, unemployed youths and ofcourse bee lovers from urban areas.