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We focus on practical training in beekeeping, organic farming, environmental education, and agro-tourism. The farm has eco-friendly functional demonstration units and presents an ideal model of Bio-Village. The apiary, cow barn, courtyard poultry farm, vermiculture and vermi wash unit, compost unit, biogas unit, modern irrigation systems, plant nursery, biopesticide production unit, plant and crop diversity model, artificial bird feeders and bird nests, artificial nesting sites for wild bees and bumble bees are Suprakruti Madhushala’s major demonstrable activities. Here in the farm, the biological wealth gifted by nature is scientifically monitored for the benefit of farm plantation and crops cultivated. The farm’s Bio-Village model is complementary to the organic bee farming. Our extension activity is through Agro – exhibitions, seminars, radio talks and newspaper articles. Agro – exhibitions organized in the state of Maharashtra is an ideal platform for Suprakruti Madhushala for enlightening the masses about the concept of induced bee pollination. Suprakruti Madhushala’s exposure to other states is through our association with Arya Gramodyog Sansthan, Kandera, U.P. We receive commendable support from National Bee Board, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, New Delhi in creating awareness about the concept of crop pollination. We provide developmental plans to the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India for beekeeping development programs around the country.


The prime farm activity is to introduce farmers to the technique of induced bee pollination using modern bee hives..

Organic Farming

The organic farm is a blend of traditional and modern ecofriendly biotechnologies for sustainable development of agriculture..

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