Certified Beekeeping

This will be the start of your own excursion in beekeeping:

Consolation and illumination for your decisions in beekeeping.

Everybody begins as a fledgling. Here you will discover no judgment, just consolation.

I like not wearing my honey bee suit, neglecting myself, and getting as near the honey bee’s lives as they will let me, recollecting in the process that there is something else entirely to life than the simple human and tolerating the lowering truth that honey bees know better compared to I do.

I have encountered a significant number of the difficulties looked by beekeepers and comprehend your dread and dissatisfactions really focusing on these astounding animals. I planned this for the new beekeeper and those that need to keep honey bees and reap nectar, to make accessible data that will permit you to learn, appreciate and flourish at keeping honey bees. Since I am a natural beekeeper I lean towards without treatment, comprehensive, and regular administration.

You will comprehend starting beekeeping phrasing, know the kinds of gear, brief honey bee science, how to introduce honey bees and review your hive. You will acquire knowledge toward nectar reaping and the occasional undertakings of a beekeeper. Utilizing my experience, I will guide you to your first encounters in the hive.

“You must go at the rate you can go. You awaken at the rate you awaken.”

Understudies are urged to pose inquiries and learn constantly!

Who this course is for:
Any individual who is keen on beekeeping
Any individual who as of now has a hive or few hives
Anybody keen on cultivating and pollinators

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