Bee Organic

Who We Are

Bee Organic Farm was founded by Dr. T. B. Nikam on 17th May 1978. We feel pleased to mention that it is the first and the only centre in Maharashtra where indigenous honey bee species and also the exotic ones (i.e. Italian and Indian bees) are maintained in the organic farm. The purpose of the centre’s establishment has been fourfold:

  1. The scientific beekeeping
  2. The development and conservation of bees
  3. Imparting practical training in beekeeping
  4. Encouraging applied research and extension activities in beekeeping

Bee Organic Farm is a place of attraction both for the academics and practitioners interested in beekeeping. Beginning with school children we have been privileged to interact with college students, farmers, tribals and also the Government Officials especially from the Agriculture, Forest and Tribal Developments. Non - Government Organizations also have taken keen interest in our activities.

Bee Organic Farm is a place to visit for Agro-Tourism. It has also been acclaimed as an ideal place for excursions for creating environmental awareness. This is mainly because of the Bio-Village model and the traditional technologies in the farm that add value to the campus and help in promoting organic farming. The Bee and Plant Nursery surrounded by the biodiversity in the farm make Suprakruti Madhushala a must to visit for the environmentalists.

  • Bee Organic Farm conducts various regular and on demand training courses imparting training in the area of scientific beekeeping.
  • Bee Organic Farm Seminars, Workshops and Practical Training Programmes on scientific beekeeping have enlightened people of different ages, different educational backgrounds and different economic statuses.
  • Bee Organic Farm takes great pleasure in extending guidance to the students and teachers for project and research work.
  • Bee Organic Farm is proud of its Exhibits about beekeeping collected globally which area connoisseur's delight to watch.


We strongly believe that organic bee farming, eco-friendly farm practices and conservation of wild bees can lead to Green and Sweet Revolution causing the end of hunger and malnutrition among the less privileged of this world

Our Goal

To create awareness about Bee Pollination To create a Worldwide Network for Conservation of Wild Bees To impart Practical Knowledge through Training To encourage Research and Extension Activities leading to green and sweet revolution To popularize Scientific Bee Keeping To educate tribal population and farming people about Bee and Brood-Friendly honey extraction methods To convince curriculum designers to include Scientific Bee Keeping in School and College Curriculums To create awareness regarding conservation of Bee Plant's Diversity To increase Bee-Pasturage through Afforestation Programme To popularize Bee-friendly and Farm-Friendly Biotechnologies in agriculture to save bees

Our Skills & Expertise

Whether you’re interested in organic farming, farm maintenance or beekeeping our experienced and highly-trained staff of agricultural experts will help you get trained to set-up your own organic farm and apiary.Our team will guide you through Apiary and farm budgeting, Farm management and farm maintenance training to ensure your farm reaches its full potential.


meet our staffs

Dr. Krishna Pawar is a medicinal doctor by profession Paediatrics being her specialisation. She has had a keen interest in Beekeeping from her childhood. Dr. Krishna has plans to undertake a course in apitherapy for treating various diseases. She advocates scientific beekeeping for all beekeepers. The bee products harvested by […]
Dr. Prashant is a pharmacist by training. He has a PhD from the Ohio State University and an MBA from the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Due to the family environment, Prashant has developed active interest in beekeeping. Throughout his travels worldwide, he collects various honey samples […]
A Junior College Teacher of Marathi at K.T.H.M. College, Sulbha Nikam is actively involved in all Suprakruti Madhushala activities. Her interest in beekeeping and organic farming was initially induced by her husband Dr. Nikam. However now she is as passionate about apiculture as he is if not more. She co-authors […]
A strong believer of apiculture [beekeeping] Dr. Nikam pleads that the present Indian agricultural practices will fail without the support of apiculture. As an inspiring teacher of Biology he realized the potential of beekeeping in increasing productivity in Indian agriculture. His visit to Israel for the international training programme on […]