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About Us

Bee Organic Farm is a place of attraction for farmers, students, teacher's, researchers and nature lovers interested in scientific beekeeping. We have been privileged to interact with college students, farmers, tribals, Government Officials, Non - Government Organizations especially from the Agriculture, Forest and Tribal welfare department with live demonstrations on Honey bee kingdoms.
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Why Visit Us

BeeOrganic Farms Offers training and certification in practical beekeeping and organic farming in Maharashtra,Nashik.We have invested our time and efforts to improve the quality of training in beekeeping and organic farming in India, we focus on practical training to teach our students with a blend of traditional and modern techniques to practice beekeeping and organic farming. We host and organize weekly workshops on subjects related to beekeeping,raw honey and organic farming.
BeeOrganic Farm in Certified by NBB(National Bee Board) ,Khadi & Village Industries Commission, Central Bee Research & Training Institute ,yashwantrao chavan open university to train organic farmers,students,beekeepers,tourist,agro-tourist and nature lovers.
If you wish to chill out with your family and friends BeeOrganic Farm welcomes you to spend a blissful stay at our organic mango farm.
We are selling organic farm produce, Beekeeping Equipment, Bee Hives, Raw Honey, Bee Pollen, Propolis, Bee Wax, Organic Mango's and Grapes.
If you are full of energy and would like to work at the farm, we welcome you to stay with us.Please! contact us for further information.

Our Skills


Get Training & Certification Built your skills and knowledge With Us


BeeKeeping Tranning

We provide advance training in beekeeping For colleges, schools, farmers and hobbyist also we help setup Apiaries by providing equipments, Hives, Raw Honey, Pollen, Bee Wax, Propholis, location inspection.
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Organic Farming

The organic farm is a blend of traditional and modern ecofriendly biotechnologies for sustainable development of agriculture. We host advance training in organic farming and also set-up organic farms for our clients.
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Dr. Krishna Pawar is a medicinal doctor by profession Paediatrics being her specialisation. She has had a keen interest in Beekeeping from her childhood. Dr. Krishna has plans to undertake a course in apitherapy for treating various diseases. She advocates scientific beekeeping for all beekeepers. The bee products harvested by […]
Dr. Prashant is a pharmacist by training. He has a PhD from the Ohio State University and an MBA from the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Due to the family environment, Prashant has developed active interest in beekeeping. Throughout his travels worldwide, he collects various honey samples […]
A Junior College Teacher of Marathi at K.T.H.M. College, Sulbha Nikam is actively involved in all Suprakruti Madhushala activities. Her interest in beekeeping and organic farming was initially induced by her husband Dr. Nikam. However now she is as passionate about apiculture as he is if not more. She co-authors […]
A strong believer of apiculture [beekeeping] Dr. Nikam pleads that the present Indian agricultural practices will fail without the support of apiculture. As an inspiring teacher of Biology he realized the potential of beekeeping in increasing productivity in Indian agriculture. His visit to Israel for the international training programme on […]

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